Chicken fillet in citrus marinade.

Usually a little chicken somewhat dry meat, which is not true about this dish. Fillet with orange and lemon marinade turns out very juicy and extremely tasty. Such meat can apply a simple side dish, sprinkling it with hot sauce fragrant chicken.

филе ципленка в
-chicken fillet 500g.
-Orange 1 piece.
-1/2 lemon pieces.
-3-4 tablespoons honey. l.
-soy sauce 1 tbsp. l.
-ground black pepper to taste
-salt to taste

To prepare the marinade, mix the orange juice is required, lemon and soy sauce, add a box of honey and thoroughly mix with a fork. Pepper and salt to taste.
Chicken wash and dry. Each piece is carefully coat with honey and lay down on the baking sheet, greased.
Filet pour the marinade and close the pan with foil. Chicken fillet marinated in citrus fruits will be prepared 30 minutes.
Half an hour later slightly open the foil and let fry fillets on top will be a nice golden crust, and the meat will remain juicy.

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