Chicken cutlets with mushrooms


● Chicken
● Onions,
● Carrots
● Root parsley
● Black pepper peas
● 250 grams of mushrooms,
● Milk – 200 ml
● Egg yolks – 5 pieces


You need to boil the chicken with onion, carrot, parsley root and pepper. Cooled directly in the broth in which the cooked chicken. Then separate the meat from the bones. Small, neat cut the meat into cubes and mix with the pre-boiled and sliced ​​mushrooms. 1 tablespoon flour fried in butter, hot milk is diluted so that grabbed lumps, add salt. The resulting mixture omit chicken and the egg yolks. Then boil on the fire just a few minutes and stir continuously.

The resulting mass is required to cool and form balls. They should be of small size. It is necessary to flatten them, the thickness of the patties should get about 1 cm thick.
Paneer first in flour, then in egg and breadcrumbs. Roast in preheated any zhire.

Note: The minced meat intended for chops, do not add the egg white: frying it coagulates immediately, because of the meat starts to produce more juice and burgers go dry.

кур котлеты с гриб

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  1. My favorite homemade recipe for chicken mincemeat yummy.

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