Chicken cutlets with cheese.

Chicken cutlets with cheese.

курин отбмвные

-2-3 chicken pieces.
-Egg chicken 3-4 pieces.
-Wheat flour to taste
-Collection of Italian herbs to taste
-Salt to taste
-Ground black pepper to taste
-A bunch of dill to taste
-Hard cheese to taste
-Sunflower oil to taste

курин отбмвные.2jpg
Separate the fillet portion of chicken. We wash it and cut into thin lengthwise slices sparingly.
курин отбмвные.3jpg
Each individual piece on both sides repel special hammer.
курин отбмвные.4jpg
Sprinkle fillets collecting broken-off pieces of Italian herbs, salt and black pepper.
We stack them on top of each other and briefly leave. This is to ensure that the meat is well steeped in spices.
Divide three or four eggs in a deep bowl. In another, a flat, a bowl pour a little flour.
Preheat a frying pan with sunflower oil.
Take one piece of chipped fillets and dipped it first in flour, then in egg. In order to obtain larger chops and luxuriant, dipped several times in one and in another capacity.
Put the chops on a hot frying pan and fry a few minutes (5-7) on both sides.
While fried meatballs, we will prepare the cheese. Rubbed his large pieces.
курин отбмвные.5jpg
Add the washed and chopped dill.
Thoroughly mix and spread on top of the burgers, one minute before we remove them from the heat.
Once the cheese has melted, we shift the chops on a plate.

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