Chicken chops

Chicken chops.

Dish of minced chicken good for its ease and infinite variety. For example, you can cook very fast and tasty chops – no one will know what they are stuffing instead of whole pieces. But all will surely be satisfied guaranteed tender and juicy taste.

Probably not very well call it a dish of minced chicken “chops” – because there is nothing to bounces. But this is not the classic “chops”, and even more so, not steak. So let there be “chops” – most importantly, delicious!

You will need:

Minced chicken – 300 g
Flour – for obvalivaniya
Salt and pepper – to taste
Garlic, onions – optional
Vegetable oil for frying

How to cook:

1. The recipe is very, very simple – first kata of salted-peppered minced small balls and make cakes.

2. The collapses each cake flour

3. and quickly fry the chops in hot oil

4. If the stuffing from the bird, it is sufficient light golden “blush” – minced chicken dishes all prepared instantly. Let not the classical chops delicious, but very similar to them

Note: by and large, minced in this recipe tasty chops can be used either – e.g., turkey, or as in the most common cutlets, pork.

Bon Appetit!

кур отбивные

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