Chicken breast in yogurt with oranges.

Chicken breast in yogurt with oranges.

Chicken breast in this dish turns out very tender and fragrant thanks to a special marinade of yogurt, orange juice and vegetable oil.

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-Orange juice 70 gr.
-Drinkable yogurt without filling 100 gr.
-Vegetable oil 40 g.
-Oranges 1 pc.
-Salad mix 40 gr.
-Salt 2 c.
-Ground black pepper 2 c.
-Mint 3 grams.

1.Breast marinate for 30 minutes in a mixture of yogurt, orange juice, salt, pepper, paprika, and vegetable oils.
2.Remove the breast from the marinade and bake in the oven until golden brown.
3.Orange (1/3 fruit) Peel off the skin and peel, remove the film, cut the pulp segments (to get the “triangle”).
4.Mix segments with lettuce, season with mint leaves, olive oil and freshly ground pepper.
5.In the center of a plate Put the fruit and lettuce on a plate lay the sliced ​​chicken breast, pour the juice left over from baking. Garnish with mint leaves.


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