Cheesecake with coconut and peaches

Cheesecake with coconut and peaches.

творожники с кокосом и перс

-Cottage cheese 500g.
-Butter 100g.
-Milk 100 g.
-Coconut powder 1 cup
-Biscuit shortbread cookies 350 gr.
-Canned peaches 500 gr.
-1/2 cup sugar
-Eggs 3 pcs.
творожники с кокосом и перс2
Cookies grind in a blender.
Add the melted butter.
Molds grease with butter.
творожники с кокосом и перс3jpg
Share on the basis of the bottom of the cookie.
Hide in the fridge for 30 minutes.
творожники с кокосом и перс4jpg
In a blender combine cottage cheese, milk, sugar.
Grind to a paste.
In three steps to add milled coconut and eggs. I should get a completely homogeneous mass.
On the basis of the cooled sand to lay out half the cheese mass.
творожники с кокосом и перс6jpg
Top with sliced ​​peaches.
творожники с кокосом и перс5jpg
Then pour the remaining cottage cheese. Prepare 1 hour at 380 F.
At the bottom of the oven I put a container of water. Cheesecake to cool completely in the refrigerator (preferably overnight).

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