Cheese Tartlets with shrimp salad

Cheese Tartlets with shrimp salad.


For tartlets:
-300 gr. cheese (less porous)
-1 tbsp starch;

For filling:
-0.5 kg. shrimp;
-cucumber – 1 pc.

Cooking method:

Cheese grate (not Barshchouka, and not on the smallest grater, which erases a mess), add a spoonful of starch and mix. Spoon to spread a thin layer on the pan. Wait until complete melting of the cheese, turn off the gas and wait until the cheese hardens a little. It is important “middle ground” – do not wait until the cheese is covered with a crispy crust, and sooner from the frying pan to remove the cheese (as it will be too runny).

Then everything is simple: a glass turned upside down and put it on the resulting pancake cheese, gently pressed her fingers to the glass cheese (can be in the form of tucks) as soon as the cheese hardens, remove tartlet with cup.

Stuffing in a tartlet can come up with any course, of those products, which are combined with cheese.
Perfect as a filling, a simple salad of prawns with cucumber and dill.

Bon Appetit!

сырные тартал


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