Cheese pizza with a delicious sauce.

Cheese pizza with a delicious sauce.

сырная пиц

-Pizza dough 200 gr.
-Mozzarella cheese stuffing 300 gr.
-Mushrooms 100 kg.
-Tomatoes 3 pcs.
-Parsley, basil, arugula taste
-Garlic sauce 3 pcs.
-Tomato 1 piece.
-Tomato paste 2 tbsp. l.
-Olive oil to taste
-Dried basil 1 ch. L.
-Oregano 1 hour. L.
-Sugar 1 hour. L.
-Salt and pepper to taste

Whatever combination of cheese you choose, without the traditional cheese pizza sauce will have a “pale” appearance. Therefore, professionals are advised to start preparing a pizza it was with him.
Slice the garlic and tomato, tomato paste, spread a few tablespoons of water.
Drop the garlic in a pan with olive oil. Make sure that it is not burnt. Seeing signs of “gilding”, add the chopped tomato.
For roasting enough for 1-2 minutes. Pour the tomato paste.
So far, this semi-finished sauce. It will be a full dressing after you have it with salt and pepper, add sugar and spices (basil or oregano choose) and give simmer.
But that’s not all: turn on the blender and grind it until the sauce until you leave large pieces of tomatoes.
After that, still slightly warm. This sauce is suitable for pizza and pasta. Especially because it is stored in the refrigerator without loss of flavor and aroma to several days. But only in a sterile jar.
The second stage – cooking vegetables and cheese. Take the time to cut everything into thin slices.
Take out from the freezer base for pizza. Roll.
Lay out the dough on a baking sheet, greased with olive oil. The resulting cake heartily grease sauce.
You can put mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese. Remember: the cheese should be a lot!
The oven cheese pizza will hold no more than 20 minutes.
Taking the pizza, sprinkle it with fresh herbs.

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