Cheese balls

 Recipe cheese balls.

– Processed cheese,
– carrot,
– Olives,
– Tartlets,
– Garlic,
– black pepper,
– Mayonnaise.

1. Fresh carrot rub on a fine grater. It is possible – in the middle, or even at a major (amateur).
2. The same act with processed cheese – on a coarse grater.
3. Garlic finely ground with a knife or passed through a masher.
4. Add the resulting mass mayonnaise, pepper and mix all.
5. Take the finished tartlets, they now have the benefit of any store.
6. At the bottom of tartlet teaspoon spread a little weight, put olives on top and add a little curd.
7. Spoon the attach form a ball and, if desired, decorate with a sprig of greenery.
8. Cheese balls are ready! You can entertain guests.

сырные шарики

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