Cheese appetizer.

Cheese appetizer.

Cottage cheese 500g.
Fat sour cream or cream 200ml.
Salt to taste
Fresh dill to taste
A pinch of black pepper to taste
A pair of medium-sized cloves of garlic to taste

We spread the cottage cheese in a bowl and mash fork until smooth. You can use a blender, then the product will turn into mass. I wanted to meet slices of cheese, so I became his whipping.
Then with a sharp knife shred dill. You can add any other herbs to taste (basil, thyme, and the like). It should be fresh and dry here out of place.
Mix cottage cheese with dill, pepper and salt.
Then put them fresh cream. Mix the ingredients.
Clear the garlic from the peel and grind a knife or using chesnokodavilku.
Put it in a bowl and mix with cottage cheese. Hlebushek spreadable fresh and tasty probuem.Ochen obtained if put cottage cheese snack on fresh toast or just a slice of toasted loaf.

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