Caviar – the queen of Russian feasts

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Caviar – the queen of Russian feasts

Caviar has become a favorite with Russian snack as long as in 1556 Ivan the Terrible conquered Astrakhan. In the world it is considered a symbol of luxury. Back in the 30s of the last century it was regarded as a whim of the rich, as in Russia, such as truffles. Caviar in Europe was valued because of Russian emigrants, who spoke about the scope of Russian feasts. Thus, the symbol of aristocratic luxury steel champagne, truffles, oysters and Russian caviar.

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Paris – a definite trendsetter of the time – the first caviar open house. Caviar Volga Petrossian Paris and become suppliers of European aristocratic houses.

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Shocking stories of Russian feasts, when the champagne flowed freely and ate caviar spoons, made a lasting impression on the hard-fisted old Europe. I note that in the Russian caviar is always eaten in large quantities. Sevryuzhya, yastik, payusnaya – simple varieties of caviar – is not treated to expensive appetizers. They served as a regular meal in pubs.

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Let us remember – in Russian literature there are many references to the fact that the Russian meal did not do without caviar. For example, the characters of Leo Tolstoy and Gogol certainly treated to this snack. Derzhavin in his work admired – “that jet, amber-caviar”.

And the phrase “divine slices of the tissue of caviar” we can meet Alexander Benois, describing the life of St. Petersburg life in the book “My memories.” It turns out that it was the most common at the time the prescription when liberally salted caviar, and then squeezed in a napkin so that it was possible to cut it like cheese.

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Currently, black caviar is included in the mandatory menu of the most respected restaurants in the world. In the West, it is replicated Hollywood movies and glossy magazines. I immediately comes to mind the memory Andron Konchalovsky about dinner with Van Cliburn in Moscow: “We ate caviar spoons from banks They are there to afford such can only be millionaires.”.

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There are three kinds of the best caviar – beluga (the most expensive and rare), Sturgeon and sevryuzhya. Unfortunately, now exports to Europe Russian delicacy more and more reduced.

Caviar as little as possible should come into contact with the air and any metal other than gold. The best restaurants it is served by the rules – to china or crystal with gilded appliances. To the taste of caviar is not distorted, and ideally should be served pearl spoon.

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There is a special sort of “Imperial” caviar, which was used previously only in the court of Russian monarchs and Iranian shahs. Get her out of especially large sturgeon or beluga – albino.
In the famous Parisian stores sellers often tell customers stories about how the Iranian commoner who dared to try this calf, was punished by amputation of the hand.
In France and the UK there are a few specialty stores for caviar lovers with tasting rooms. There you can buy not only the eggs of different varieties, but also many kinds of smoked fish, sturgeon, called zakouski, and Russian vodka.

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Recipes of dishes with caviar there is a huge amount. It is eaten with salads, fish, rice, seafood, potatoes, pasta, avocado … I offer you some options that I like:

Traditionally, the Russian version – eggs with pancakes.

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Sandwiches with fish, cucumber and caviar.

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Biscuits, butter, eggs and fish (salmon).

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Baguette, cucumber, caviar, salmon, olives.

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Sandwiches – baguette, eggs, butter, caviar and greens.

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And what dishes with caviar or snack with this queen of Russian feasts like you?

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