Cauliflower with a pumpkin.

-Cauliflower — 1 Piece (1 forks)
-Onions — 1 Each
-Carrots — 1 Each
-Tomato — 1 Each
-Green Beans — 200 grams
-Pumpkin — 100 grams (can be more to your taste)
-Spices — 1 To taste

Cooking method:
1. decoction of pumpkin and cauliflower. Cabbage divide into florets, soft pumpkin three on a grater. Fry with chopped onion and carrot in vegetable oil.
2. Now add the beans and tomato. Pour a little water and simmer over low heat until cooked under the lid. Add spices to taste at the end of cooking.
3. Done!


Bon Appetit!


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