Carrot burgers.

Carrot burgers.

eggs 2 pcs.
salt to taste
Carrot 4 pieces.
greens – to decorate to taste
sour cream to taste
vegetable oil – for frying to taste
breadcrumbs – for breading taste
3 tbsp semolina. l.
black pepper to taste

Washed and cleaned carrots grate.
Add to it the semolina and salt.
Stir and sformuyte burgers.
Roll cutlets in breadcrumbs.
Fry the carrot cutlets on both sides on a preheated pan with vegetable oil until golden brown.
Cover the pan with a lid and boil for some burgers for 5 minutes.
Before serving, garnish with herbs. Serve with sour cream.

морковные котлеты

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