Carpaccio of dried duck

Carpaccio — a dish of thinly sliced ​​raw meat, seasoned with olive oil and vinegar and / or lemon juice. Traditionally served as a cold dish or appetizer.

duck  35 g
iceberg lettuce  10 g
Cherry  50 g
estragon  2 g
cucumber  10 g
balsamic sauce  8 g
yogurt  25 g
sea ​​salt  taste

1.Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

2.Put the tomatoes on a plate or board.

3.Finely chop salad.

4.Cut the cucumber.

5.Put in a bowl of chopped cucumber and lettuce.

6.Season with salt and add the olive oil.

7.Add balsamic sauce.

8.Share on tomatoes chopped cucumber and lettuce.

9.Put duck jerky.

10.Garnish with tarragon leaves.

11.Garnish with balsamic sauce.

12.Sprinkle with bread crumbs.
Tip! To prepare crumb, you need to break in a blender pieces of dried bread in the oven and potato chips in the ratio 4: 1.

Carpaccio of dried duck is ready! Serve with yoghurt and balsamic sauce.
Tip! Prepare the sauce can be mixed yogurt and balsamic sauce in a ratio of 9:1. Then add the chopped leaf tarragon sauce.

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