Caramel Cake

Caramel Cake.

Hot, melting, tender and sweet cake – a real delight for gourmets!

горячий карам пирог


-2 cups milk
-sugar 1/4 cup + 1
-0.5 cups of vegetable oil
-dry yeast 2 + 1/4 hr. l.
-flour 4.5 cup
-salt 2 h. L.
-Soda 0.5 h. l.
-baking powder
-with slide 0.5 h. L.
-3/4 cup melted butter
-ground cinnamon 4 tbsp. l.
-butter for caramel 50 c.
-Brown sugar for caramel 1.5 cup
-corn syrup caramel – can do without it 1 tbsp. l.
-cream caramel 2 tbsp. l.
-brandy or apple juice for caramel 2 tbsp. l.
-an Apple for caramel 1 PC.

For the dough:
Heat the milk, butter, 1/2 cup sugar, to heat (do not boil). Allow to cool to room temperature.
горячий карам пирог.2jpg
Pour the yeast, 4 cups flour. Stir gently and cover with a towel, allowing it to rise for 1 hour.

After 1 hour, add the remaining flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Set aside.
горячий карам пирог.2jpg
To make hard candy:
Mix butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, cream and brandy or apple juice. Melt over low heat until completely blended. Give boil for a few seconds, then remove from heat. Set aside.
горячий карам пирог.3jpg
Roll out half the dough into a large rectangle.
горячий карам пирог.4jpg
Pour half of the melted butter, half the remaining 3/4 cup sugar and cinnamon half. Hide in a long roll, then cut into rolls.
горячий карам пирог.5jpg
Coat oil form (diameter 23 cm). Pour half of the caramel.
горячий карам пирог.6jpg
Sprinkle with diced apple on top, then put sliced ​​rolls across the surface. Allow up (20-30 minutes).
горячий карам пирог.7jpg
Bake at 190 degrees for 30-35 minutes, covered with a foil of the first 25 minutes.
горячий карам пирог.8jpg
Repeat with the other half of the dough, if desired, or keep the dough in the refrigerator for another use.
горячий карам пирог.9jpg
Invert the cake onto a plate. Writing cool slightly before serving.

горячий карам пирог.11jpg


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