Eggplant 1 kg.
Pepper 300 g.
Tomato 300 gr.
Onion 300g.
Celery 100 grams.
Olives green b / 100g.
Capers 50g.
1/2 cup white vinegar
Sugar 1 tbsp. l.
Basil (leaves) to taste
Olive oil to taste
Salt to taste

Cut the eggplant into cubes and lightly salt them, came to the excessive bitterness.
Cut into cubes peppers and tomatoes, celery – sliced.
Cut the onion finely enough.
Put all the chopped ingredients in a deep frying pan, add the olives, capers (wash them from the pre-salt), a little salt, sugar and olive oil.
Cook over fairly high heat.
In the end, evaporated to excess fluid, add the basil leaves and vinegar.
It can be served as a cold appetizer or main dish. You can also preserve.


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