Cakes «avatars»

biscuit  300 G + 300 g
butter 250 g + 50 g
condensed milk  1 jar
Walnut  1 tbsp.
cognac  1 tsp
cocoa  2 tsp + 3 tsp
sugar  Article 0.5.
sour cream  3 tbsp

Biscuits (dark and light) break into pieces about the size of 0,5h0,5 cm (if the liver grind in a blender or with a rolling pin — will be a lot of fine crumbs — change the appearance and taste of the finished products). Add peeled and chopped walnuts.

Butter, condensed milk and cocoa whipped into a light and smooth cream. The main thing — do not shift the cocoa cream should turn a light brown color, so that the finished pastry is easily visible pieces of light and dark biscuits. The cream is ready add the brandy and stir well.

Crushed cookies with nuts mix thoroughly with the cream (all cookies and nuts were in cream). The resulting mass fill shallow and deep form with a round bottom, lightly tamping mass. The filled molds placed in a refrigerator for an hour.

From butter (50 g), sugar, sour cream (milk), and cocoa powder (3 tsp) cook (stirring constantly) chocolate coating.
Chilled and frozen pastries to take out a form, put on a dish and decorate them with chocolate cooled (using pastry syringe).

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