Cake with fruits

Cake with fruits

● 500g. sour cream
● 1 tbsp. sugar
● 3 tbsp. tablespoons gelatin
● 300g. biscuit (purchased or prepared in any recipe)
● strawberries,
● grapes
● currant,
● Kiwi (and possibly other berries)

1. Article 3. tablespoons gelatin pour half a glass of cold boiled water for about 30 minutes (before swelling).

2. Sour cream whisk with sugar. Gelatin is heated until dissolution (not boiling) and type in the sour cream in a thin stream, stirring occasionally.

3. deep bowl was covered with cling film, and spread the berries on the bottom, then a layer of a broken into small pieces of sponge cake, again a layer of berries, etc. All fill with sour cream-gelatin mixture. Put in refrigerator for 2 hours.

4. Cake gently turn over on a platter. If the bowl is very deep, fill layers as stacking.

For the sweet tooth: sour grapes sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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