Cake with cranberries and icing for the festive table

Personally, I have such holidays as Christmas and New Year are associated with poppy seeds and cranberries. Cakes and rolls with poppy seeds, cakes and duck with cranberry — a mandatory meal in a festive menu. Today will tell you about a relatively simple cake with cranberries, which often do and love dearly. For me, he is so cute, that is quite a can decorate a festive table.

Ingredients for 8 servings:

Wheat flour — 270 g
Egg chicken — 4 pcs.
Sugar — 130 g
Milk — 150 g
Cranberry — 220 g
Mandarin — 2 pcs.
Butter — 150 g
Baking powder — 1 tsp
Powdered sugar — 150 g (s)
Salt — 1 pinch


1. All ingredients for pie should be at room temperature, which means that — butter and eggs must control the advance. I always take out in the evening, cook in the morning. Milk just warm up in the microwave. Be careful — overheated milk we do not need it, melt the butter, and it is precisely to anything good will not.

Put the butter in a bowl and start whisking until it brighten and slightly increased in volume. I’ll tell you, the worse you vzobete oil, the tighter the turn the cake (but even in this case it would be nice). I whipped about three minutes.

2. Take a fairly large eggs. I each weighing about 65-68 grams.

Then, one by one, start adding the eggs. If they are cold, the oil simply turn into lumps, and from our previous whipping nothing left.

It’s time to recall the sugar. Add it in two parts: the first and second egg. And do not forget about salt — throw a pinch in the beginning.

After each of the next egg whisk about 30 seconds, at least (and if need be, and more) to the mass of time to turn into a uniform.

In the end, she got quite a light and airy. Although it is not very lightness will be visible, and make sure you notice it when you start to stir the whole thing with flour.

3. Turn on the oven to 180 degrees, even heated.

Sift flour with baking powder. The latter need a teaspoon, a little bit with gorochkoy.

Tangerines thoroughly washed, remove the zest, then squeeze the juice from them. In fact, all it is better to do BEFORE you prefer whipping. I just have a stationary mixer and I can freely do it until he’s whips, in parallel, so to speak.

All the mixer to the side arm with a shovel to mix. Doing so, first add the milk and a third of the flour and mix quickly and accurately from the edge of the bowl and down to the middle. This adds our tangerine zest. Next, another third, and again mix. Well, the last set and ready. Do not mix for a long time, since the mass starts to sag, and the product will not be as air as we would like.

4. My form size 29/19, slightly tapered towards the bottom.

Form I advance Shots baking paper — I am sure it is 100% that did not stick, and choose the cake will be easy.

Pour well and flatten our dough. Note that although the middle a little bit, but still rise, so that when the Leveling can be a little more dough to the edges. A little, it’s somewhere for half a centimeter, that they may be above the middle … And you can not mess around, you still get a tasty 🙂

I have frozen cranberries. I do it just like that, without defrosting, distributed over the surface. Cranberries can be 200 and 250 grams — it depends on how much you love her. I was in the bag 220 grams, which are used.

5. We put our cake in preheated oven and bake for about 30 minutes. Focus on your oven and check the cake on a dry wooden stick. In my old gas oven I baked it for 45 minutes.

It remains for us to do icing. Everything is easier — to take the powdered sugar and mix it with tangerine juice. But! Add the first half of the juice, nothing more, and stir, if you get about the same consistency as I pictured, dense and bright, everything is fine, the glaze is ready. If it is too thick, then pour the juice even if you see that the liquid — a couple of tablespoons of powdered sugar. And yet, not in a hurry with her cooking, it is better to give the cake to cool, and only then do this very quickly and pour the icing cake.

By the way, no one will interfere to change mandarin orange and more can be added to the dough a few drops of essential oils (tangerine or orange, respectively) for more flavor.

6. Remove the cake cool completely and pour glaze. If you want to do in advance and save the cake, for example, until tomorrow, then it is better not to pour glaze and put it in a cellophane bag, expel the air and tie. Tomorrow will be like a fresh pie. But the icing do for an hour before feeding and fill. Let you in the circle has to be prepared, weighted powdered sugar, and a number of stand tangerine juice, then work for one minute. And do not forget — first half of the juice, and only then are targeting!

All the pie cut in portions and serve guests, myself, too, do not forget.

Enjoy your tea and happy holidays!

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