Cake “Washington”

Cake “Washington”.

торт вашингтон

For cakes in the shape of 20 cm to taste
-Soft butter 225 g.
-Sugar 225g.
-Eggs 4 pcs.
-Ground almonds 125g.
-Flour, 125 gr.
-Almond extract 1 hour. L.

For the cream to taste
-Sugar 75g.
-Corn starch 3 tbsp. l.
-Milk 450 ml.
-Butter 30 oz.
-Vanilla extract 1 hour. L.
-Article 8 cranberry jam. l.

For the glaze: to taste
-Fatty cream 250 ml.
-Milk Chocolate 300g.

• Nuts grind into flour in a blender
• Whip soft butter with sugar in a magnificent white mass
• Add the yolks and mix shovel
• Add the flour, nuts, 1.5 tsp baking powder and almond extract (if it certainly is). All gently stir
• Protein shake up separately with a pinch of salt in a solid mass, stir the dough portions
• Put the dough split mold 20 cm, smooth and bake for about 40-45 minutes at 390 F c.
• Ready cake cool for 10 minutes to form, then get it and give it a complete rest all night on the grill
• And now the cream: egg yolks grind with starch and sugar until smooth
• Pour the hot milk in a thin stream while stirring the rim. Cook the custard over medium heat until thick, from cream not waste porstoyanno stirring!
• Ready cream remove from heat, add the vanilla extract and butter, stir, cover with cling film and leave the pan to cool.
• Now cut the cake into 3 cakes
• Puts the first cake on a plate, it lubricates 4 tablespoons jam. That it is necessary to pre-warm up, so it will be easier to be smeared.
• On top of the jam we put half the cream – it should be very thick!
• Put the cream on the second cake and repeat all the same – that is, jam, cream and a third on top of the cake.
• To cover – in a water bath heat the cream with the chocolate, stir until smooth.
• Then, much to cool and beat with a mixer in a magnificent mass.
• Cover the cooled cake weighing lush! Decorate with chocolate chips and berries.

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