Cake “Shock-chocolate”

Cake “Shock-chocolate”.

Round version of the assembly of the cake surprised in its approach to the core. Intricate and risky trudoemkoe and fragile, fanciful cake round shape to look very graceful.

пир шок шоколад
12 tartlets 8cm

Short pastry with hazelnuts

120 g of the oil
80 g of powdered sugar
200 g flour T55
30 g hazelnut flour
2 g of the salt
40g egg
Mix together the butter with the sugar, flour, hazelnut flour and salt. Add the eggs and stir. Zaplastikuyte. Leave the cold. Roll out to a thickness of 2 mm, cut the dough rectangle. Put the dough into a rectangular shape. Leave the “rest” in the cold. Cook for 8 minutes at 150 C.

Sponge cake with black chocolate

100g butter, cooked to hazel
100 g chocolate couverture 66% Mexique
45 g of almond flour
T55 40 g flour
10 g of potato starch
100 g protein
100 g of sugar
Pour the warm oil on the chopped chocolate. Add almond flour, flour, starch. Add the beaten egg whites. Put the dough in a pre-baked half-sand base. Cook at 175 C for 10 minutes.

Chocolate Mousse

Milk 120 g
120 g cream 35%
120 g egg yolks
250 g chocolate couverture 66% Mexique
150 g meringue
200 g whipped cream 35%

60 g protein
50 g trimolina
50 g glucose
Prepare Anglesey cream from the milk, cream, egg yolks. English Pour cream on a little melted chocolate. Mix meringue with chocolate mass when it reaches a temperature of 35 C. Add the whipped cream. Otsadit once in a rectangular shape fleksipan size of 11 cm x 3 cm.

Chocolate icing mirror

125 g water
300 g of sugar
300 g glucose
200 g of condensed milk
140 g of gelatin mass
300 g of black chocolate
10 g of a red dye liposoluble
The cook pot water, sugar, glucose, up to 103 C, to pour the condensed milk and the gelatinous mass then chocolate. Leave the cold. Operating temperature 30-35S.


Otsadit chocolate mousse tartlets on the bottom. Put a rectangle of nugatina. Top with chocolate mousse, pre-glazed. Pattern the shards of dark chocolate and gold.

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