Cake Salad

Cake Salad.

We will need:
1/2 cup rice
• 5 eggs
• 1 onion
• 200 g of crab sticks
• 1 b. canned corn
• Mayonnaise

1. We share the corn into 2 parts, one we leave for decoration. Cut roses tomato peel.
2. Starting with the first layer of our lettuce – 1/3 of boiled rice, mayonnaise. Each new layer is pressed down well with a spoon.
3. The next layer of the egg (half), mayonnaise.
4. Follow the crab sticks or crab meat (half), mayonnaise.
5. Next, lay out already all corn, mayonnaise.
6. Then another 1/3 of rice, mayonnaise.
7. crab sticks that we stayed, mayonnaise. Finely crumbled onions, mayonnaise.
8. The eggs that are left, and mayonnaise.
9. Fig.
Now we need to make our salad was on a beautiful dish, and even upside down, so we cover it prepared dish and carefully turn over.
A plate of salad in which we prepared carefully remove.
If you are well-trampled all layers then your salad does not fall apart.

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