Cake “Puff log”

Cake “Puff log”.

Love the classic cake “Napoleon”, but do not want to bother with baking cakes?

Then this recipe is for you. This method of cooking I always helps when

time to mess around with absolutely no baking or just too lazy to cook.

So, we need polukilogrammovaya pack puff pastry, butter, Bank

condensed milk and a couple of tablespoons of rum or brandy.

The dough is thawed, cut into thin strips 1 cm wide and spread on a baking sheet,

at the same time keep a little distance from each other to baking are not stuck together.

Bake until intensive browning at a temperature of 220 ° C. Ready strip cooled, and

We reserve some of the most-baked cake decorating.

350 g of butter in a mixer, beat on medium speed, gradually pouring condensed milk.

When the mass becomes lush, add 2 tablespoons of brandy or rum and stir again.

Now proceed to assemble the cake. On the table are two steles layer edible film and spread
sticks, while generously recoat them with cream.

Carefully, so as not to destroy the structure, but very tight wrap “Napoleon” in the film

and tight twirl the ends to give the cake kind of logs.

As in the classic version of “Napoleon” must be well impregnated, so remove it in

refrigerator for at least 6 hours.

Deferred previously sticks mash into crumbs.

After a specified time, remove the film from the cake, crumb and shift it on


Enjoy your tea!

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