CAKE “orange apricot”

CAKE “orange apricot”.

1. Pistachio biscuit:
– 42 g of powdered sugar,
– 42 g of almond flour,
– 62 g of egg,
– 30 g of softened butter,
– 9 g of potato starch,
– 15 g pistachio paste
– 35 g of protein,
– 10 g sugar.

2. hazelnut krustiyant:
– 65 grams of milk chocolate
– 65 g hazelnut praline
– 65 g of corn flakes (milled)
– 10 g of orange confit.

3. Apricot Cream:
– 100 apricot puree,
– 17 g of sugar,
– 25 g egg yolks,
– 2 g gelatin sheet,
– 40 g of butter,
– 10 g apricot liqueur,
– 1 star anise.

4. Vanilla-orange mousse:
– 190 grams of orange juice (fresh)
– 1/2 of the vanilla pod (seed)
– 45 g of sugar,
– 15 g of milk powder
– 38 g egg yolks,
– 18 g of egg,
– 18 g of butter,
– Sheet 3 g gelatin
– 150 g of whipped cream,
– 12 g of orange liqueur “Cointreau”.

5. Glyasazh:
– 87 g of sugar,
– 35 g water
– 87 g of glucose syrup,
– 50 grams of milk,
– 10 g of milk powder
– 7 g gelatin
– 40 g of water (to gelatin),
– 107 g of white chocolate
– Orange dye.

Cooking method:   

1.Fistashkovy biscuit.
Bit “rake” in the mixer. Beat to a state of the tape, powder, almond flour, egg and pistachio paste. Gently stir in the starch, oil. Beat the whites with the sugar until thick rush to enter into the dough with a spatula. Put on a baking sheet in a layer of 0.5 cm. Bake for about 170 degrees. 10-12 minutes. Cool, cut a circle with a diameter of 14 cm (for this form as I have), or 16 for an ordinary cake, 18 cm in diameter.

2.Funduchny krustiyant.
Mix all ingredients, put in the ring d. 14 cm, wrapped in cling film. Hard-packed with a spoon. Immediately put on top of cake. Freeze.

3.Abrikosovy cream:
Puree with star anise, bring to a boil. Remove star anise. Yolks with sugar, put the pieces together with mashed potatoes. To warm up to 82 degrees. Remove from heat, add the swollen and squeezed gelatin, butter, apricot liqueur. Punch blender. Pour over the biscuit. Freeze.

4.Apelsinovy ​​mousse.
The juice from the seeds of the vanilla, bring to a boil. Yolks and eggs with sugar and milk powder. Parts enter the hot juice. Pour everything back into the ladle. To warm up to 82 degrees. Remove from heat, add butter and pre-soaked and squeezed gelatine liquor. Punch blender. Cool to 30 degrees. Enter whipped cream. Pour the mousse into the mold, 18 cm in diameter, on top, a little scrolling to put a frozen preparation, krustiyantom up. Freeze and cover glyasazhem.

Soak gelatin in water. Water, sugar, glucose bring to 103 deg. Mix the dry whole milk. The hot mixture, add milk mixture and gelatin. Pour in the chocolate. Let stand 5 minutes. Stir, add the dye penetrate the blender. Operating temperature of 28-30 degrees.

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