Cake on kefir: delicious baking from simple ingredients

Cake on kefir: delicious baking from simple ingredients

Traditional cake recipe requires quite heavy, doughy, greasy batter with a variety of additives – a variety of nuts and dried fruits.

Today offers to your attention a simplified version of a cupcake on kefir. This dessert turns out light and delicate, with a pleasant unobtrusive taste of cottage cheese, thanks to the presence in the cake yogurt.

Cake on kefir is perfect as a light snack or a treat for tea.

Cake on kefir


-3 eggs,
-200 ml of yogurt,
-100 g butter,
-2 cups of flour,
-1 cup of sugar,
-1 tbsp. spoon of powdered sugar,
-10 g of vanilla sugar,
-2 hours. Spoon disintegrant,
-a pinch of salt.


1.Eggs mix whisk with sugar and vanilla sugar in a magnificent mass within 3-4 minutes.

2. Add the egg mixture to the yogurt at room temperature and melted butter and mix well.

3. Sift the flour mixed with baking powder and salt and knead the dough. It should have enough liquid.

4. Pour batter into a greased baking tin and smooth.

5. Send cupcake on kefir in a preheated 200 ° C oven and bake until golden brown 40-50 minutes. Ready cupcake on kefir can check the wooden skewer: if it is dry – cake is ready.

6. Ready cake to cool yogurt, get out of shape, sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.
Bon Appetit!

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