Easy, quick, hearty and very tasty cake – pudding!

Take a deep pan, generously grease the bottom.
Cut the potatoes into slices thin (3-4 mm) and spread on the bottom of the layer 1 – salt, pepper (you can advance in a cup of salt and pepper).
2nd layer spread lean meat – also cut into slices, salt, pepper.
3rd layer – finely chopped onion.
4 layer – salted cabbage (I love it when a lot).
Then some more potatoes and all that is poured on top of the test for pancakes.
We send all this beauty in the oven for 40-50 minutes until golden brown.
Then take out, cut into pieces, we pick up a piece of blade and turn over on a plate “upside down” (the dough is obtained at the bottom).
Delicious !
You can sprinkle with herbs.
And you can put all of the layers, as the author of the photos in a split mold and after the cake has had it, flip it onto a plate.
Then turn and insanely tasty and breathtakingly beautiful!
Salt cabbage, if you do not like, try replacing the mushrooms or something pickled, salty))
Bon Appetit!

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