Cake & gentle cream

Such a cake is cooked very simply, is exceptionally gentle with amazing cream, which is also being prepared quickly and simply. Highly recommend to please and pamper their households such marvelous delicacy.

• 5 eggs
• Part-time cup of sugar (approximately 170 g)
• 1 cup flour
• Citric acid on the tip of a knife
• You can add vanilla
• 200 g softened butter
• 200 -300 g soft cheese
• 300 g of condensed milk
How to cook:
1. Separate the whites from the yolks, whites, beat with citric acid to stable peaks. Check this: turn the dish with protein bottom top, proteins at the same time should not fall out.
2. To add the beaten egg whites yolks one at a time, continuing to whisk.
3. Gradually sift parts flour, mix very gently, without haste, so that the eggs are not settled.
4. Bake the cake for 30-35 minutes at 180 degrees. Boca lubricate any form oil, and the bottom, it is desirable to lay parchment (baking paper).
5. Ready biscuit to cool completely, then just cut it lengthwise into two or three parts.
6. While the cake cools, prepare the cream. Simply Beat the softened butter, cheese, condensed milk. Cakes smeared with cream on the top, you can cook the icing and can be smeared with cream. Garnish with grated chocolate (candy) or grated waffles (also nice to be).

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