Cake for the New Year’s holidays «Great Ginger.»

Cake for the New Year’s holidays «Great Ginger.»

For a diameter of 18 cm

Milk chocolate mousse, lime and ginger

95 g egg yolks
120 g of cream
Milk 120 g
18g ginger
2 sheets of gelatin
Zest of 1 lime
300 g of milk chocolate
110 g butter
235 g whipped cream

Soak gelatine in cold water.

In a saucepan bring to boil the cream, milk, chopped ginger and lime zest. Pour in the egg yolks while stirring, bring the milk-yolk mass to 80 C. Add the gelatin is well pressed. Stir well.
Pour through a sieve on the chopped milk chocolate and softened butter. Whisk the hand blender. When the mixture has cooled to 30 ° C, add the whipped cream. Use the mixture immediately.

Sponge cake with walnuts

100 g of sugar
100 grams of chopped nuts
10 g flour
3 eggs

Preheat oven to 180 C.
Whisk the egg yolks with half the sugar. Add the second half of the whipped sugar proteins. In two steps, add the eggs, ground walnuts, mixed with flour. Bake in two forms, a diameter of 20 cm. We need only one biscuit. When it has cooled, cut biscuit circle 18 cm in diameter, wrap in foil, place in cold weather.

Crispy chocolate layer with dried fruits

100g chopped small cubes of dried fruits (apricots, peaches, raisins, etc.)
100 g in-ground hazelnut paste
200 g of milk chocolate
100 g Crispy wafers DGF (can be replaced with sweet crunchy flakes)

Melt chocolate, add chopped dried fruit, peanut butter, crispy wafer (or flakes). Pour into a ring of 16 cm on parchment or a silicone mat. Freeze.

Shtroyzel hazelnut

50 g butter
50 g of brown sugar
50 flour
50 g cmolotogo in powdered hazelnuts

In a mixer or by hand with a spatula, mix all ingredients until a homogeneous dough. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 6 mm, cool. Bake in rings 18 cm in a ventilated oven of 160 C for about 10 min. We need a single ring. To the cake was not as brittle, put it at the time in the cold.

Crunchy chocolate with almonds for decoration

25 g glucose (can be replaced by honey)
25 g of milk
63 g of an oil
75g sugar
5 g of pectin
70 g almond petals
8 g of cocoa

Glucose, heat the milk and butter to 45 C. Add the sugar mixed with pectin. Prepare to 106. Add the almond petals and cocoa. Stir. Pour onto a silicone mat, the top cover with the other silicone mat. Roll out thinly. Refrigerate cold. Bake until light browning in the oven 160 C.

Chocolate glaze for decoration

65g sugar
15 g water
50 g of cream
25 g glucose
20g cocoa
2.5 g gelatin sheet

Soak gelatine in cold water.
Cook sugar syrup, bring its temperature to 120 C. At the same time, slowly heat the cream with the glucose. Add the warmed cream in chocolate. Stir well. Add the syrup to 120 C. Mix. Add the squeezed gelatine. Use at 45 C.

Chocolate decorations:


Chocolate tempering. Pour the tempered chocolate into the acetate film, spread an even layer of 3-4 mm. Give a little chocolate sets. With a knife cut the triangles on the surface of the chocolate frosting. Take acetate film with chocolate triangles diagonally into the pipe. Attach a rubber band or Skoch. Leave in a cool place, quite dry at night.
Prepared triangles «glue» together with melted chocolate in the shape of a flower. Every new joint with «glue» carry out in the cold to freeze.


Tempered chocolate spread on acetate film, an even layer of 3-4 mm. Give a little chocolate sets. Spatula with teeth (hardware store — the best friend kornditera!) Spend on the film. Roll the tape diagonally. Secure Skoch. Leave the chocolate in a cool place overnight. Best temperatura15-18 degrees. If you put the chocolate in the refrigerator, it is well zaplastikuyte to avoid moisture.

Dried fruit for decoration:

To dry fruits shone, I dip them in boiled syrup of quince jam.


Putting Cake way: from the top down.

The bottom ring 18 cm wrap film. Spread half the mousse. Then drive crunchy chocolate. Put the rest of the mousse. Top with walnut sponge disk. Then quite a bit of condensed milk or glaze, so to secure the last layer — shtroyzel.

Cake freeze. Remove the ring. Turn over. The top layer is a mousse. The surface and the sides sprinkle with cocoa. The sides attach using overlapping pieces of crispy chocolate glaze. Top with chocolate curls and fastened onto. Put the dried fruit. Heat the glaze. Make a droplet on the surface of the cake.

Since the layer of crunchy chocolate solid enough, the cake can be carefully cut only frozen!

Bon appetit and with the upcoming festive feeling!

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