Cake for Halloween.

Cake for Halloween.

Cake “Pumpkin” prepared without baking, and the main ingredient of chocolate for him is connected with condensed milk or “toffee”.

At home, the whole process of cooking takes not more than 40-50 minutes, however, not counting the time that the dessert will hold in the refrigerator, freezing (at least an hour), but it will be after cooking without your direct involvement, so that you can safely do other things.

пирож на хэлл1

Cooking method:
1.We need: 400 grams of milk chocolate and a can of condensed milk (already boiled) or “toffee”.
2. On the stove on low heat chocolate drown and allowed to cool to 30-35 degrees it to him when mixed with condensed milk is not stratified. Combine milk with chocolate.

пирож на хэлл10
3.Vymeshivaem mixture until smooth, and send in the refrigerator for half an hour.
4.Vynimaem cooled milk-chocolate mixture and divide it into 9-12 equal parts (by number of cakes) + more for a small piece of tail.

пирож на хэлл11
5.Pristupaem to the formation of pumpkins. Please roll down the balls.
6.Zatem top honor in doing deepening.
7.Narezaem knife segments.

пирож на хэлл12
8.Poluchaem here are pumpkins.

пирож на хэлл19
9. Depending specifically left for this part of the chocolate milk form a cylindrical mass of tails.
10.Na stove or in the microwave drown confectionery glaze. You can buy Orange Drops initially, but if such was not in the store, take the white icing and add a few drops of orange food coloring, or about ½ hour. L. turmeric (define a sufficient number of colors).
11.Rastopit glaze with regular stirring.

пирож на хэлл14
12.Massa should get a uniform.
13. In the finished glaze, you can add a few drops of pumpkin oil for flavor.
14.This orange mass to speed until it froze smear pumpkin.
15.Mozhno do it with a knife.
16.No more convenient to immerse the whole pumpkin in the glaze.

пирож на хэлл15
17.Pridavlivaem pumpkin with a fork.
18.Ona must completely sink into the glaze.
19.Posle this same fork pumpkin got.

пирож на хэлл13
20.I give surplus glaze drain.
21.Uzhe almost finished pumpkin spread on parchment and insert tail.

пирож на хэлл16
22.Zatem on the same principle prepare the next portion.
23.Gotovye cakes set aside in a cool place until the final pour glaze.
24.Posle that they can bring to the holiday table.

пирож на хэлл17

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