Cake for a boyfriend.


chicken egg – 1 pc.
egg whites – 4 pcs.
sugar – 2 tbsp.
flour – 3 tbsp.
citric acid – 1 \ 4 tsp..
yogurt \ sour cream – 1 tbsp.
butter – 100 g
milk – 100 g
powdered sugar – 100 g
Cocoa – 100 g
grapes – 1 brush
marshmallow – 1 pack

1. Korzh: in a bowl Stir in 1 tbsp. sugar, add 3 tbsp. sifted flour, 100g butter, 1 tbsp. yogurt or sour cream, 1 egg, a bag of baking powder and salt. Knead elastic dough, then divide it into 4 parts. Each billet rolling pin roll out the size of your pan and fry until cooked on both sides. Cooled cakes cut by a plate so that their edges have become smooth.

2. Protein Cream: separate the whites from the yolks. We do this carefully so as not to hit the yolk proteins, or cream may not work.

Proteins are pouring into our prepared a small saucepan, add sugar to proteins and can be lightly rubbed with a spoon. Take a large pot, pour water into it, and set on fire. We wait until the water when it boils.

Put it in a saucepan with the sugar and proteins, it turns the water bath. And immediately start beating whites with a mixer at high speed. After 5 minutes, add the whipping proteins citric acid and continue whisking still about 5 minutes total to cook a protein cream for a couple will need 10 minutes.

Keep the water in a large saucepan boil if it is strongly boil reduce heat. The cream will increase in volume almost doubled and will hold the shape. Turn off the mixer, and look at the state of the cream if it is well kept on the blades and does not fall, then the cream is ready.

3. Liquid chocolate: 100 g butter, melted, add the powdered sugar (150 g), cocoa (50 g) was mixed with a mixer and add warm milk (100 g) until the desired consistency – and not too thick liquid.

4. Build: cake, jam, cream, jam, cake and so on. Liquid chocolate.

5. Making: Making a side of marshmallow and decorate with a sprig of grapes.


With love to you!

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