CAKE “feather”

CAKE “feather”.



✔ yolks – 3 pieces.
✔ flour – 3/4 cup
✔ sugar – 1/2 cup
✔ drain. Oil – 100 gr. (room temperature)
✔ soda – 1/3 tsp Souffle:
✔ proteins – 3 pieces.
✔ sugar – 2/3 cup
✔ taste citric acid (or lemon juice 0.5)
✔ gelatin – 1 table. spoon with a slide
✔ chocolate – to taste

1. Korzh. Beat the egg yolks and butter.
2. Add the sugar and soda hydrated. Beat desirable to dissolve the sugar, then the cake will turn out magnificent.
3. Gradually introduce the flour and beat until smooth.
4. Put the dough into a mold greased stretch. oil and the laid paper (paper I also missed a stretch. oil).
5. Place in a preheated 180 oven and bake until done.
6. Cool (paper I have not rented).
7. Preparation of the souffle: Gelatin pour a small number of CMV water (approx. 0.5 Art. No more, otherwise the souffle get much liquid). Give swell.
8. Then heat it in the fire until dissolved (do not boil!), Stirring constantly. Cool to room temperature.
9. Protein Whip with sugar and citric acid to stable peaks.
10. Add cooled gelatin. Stir whisk.
11. Melt the chocolate with a small piece of the table 1-2. tablespoons of vegetable oil on a steam bath. I put a plate on the pot of boiling water. I took a small piece of chocolate souffle that was the color of coffee with milk. But if you want a souffle was dark, then you need to take a little more chocolate. A vegetable oil as needed, not to get a thick mass.
12. Divide souffle into 2 parts, one part add melted chocolate and mix well until a uniform color
13. Now the cake with the paper put back in split form and begin to spread our souffle alternately: 2-3 table. spoons of white on white table 2-3. tablespoons dark (who pёk zebra cake, to be familiar with this) and so until until you put all the souffle.

перышко 2 перышко 3
14. You can apply the same pattern as in the cake “Zebra” toothpick conduct of a souffle from the center to the edge, it turns gossamer (tip: drive a toothpick on top, not deep, or stripes in the section are not equal!)

перышко 4
15. Refrigerate until complete solidification (for 2 hours). I put in the freezer and I have about 20 minutes already perfectly frozen. Remove the paper (paper departs excellent).
Bon Appetit!

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