Cake «Coconut balls»

Cake «Coconut balls»

• Cottage cheese — 1 kg
• Powdered sugar — Article 1.5.
• Butter — 300 g
• Dry biscuits — 300 g
• Cocoa — 2 tbsp. l.
• Coconut — 4 tbsp. l.
• Nuts — 1 tbsp.
• 1 can of condensed milk

1. Nuts shred and break the biscuits into fine crumbs.

2. Cottage cheese through a sieve and mix with butter.

3. Divide the cheese into 3 parts. The 1st add nuts, the 2nd add-cookie crumbs, and third — cocoa.

4. From the 1st of cottage cheese (with walnuts) do a small ball, put it in a cake from the 2nd cottage cheese (and cookies) and rolls, then in the third cottage (cocoa) and form the final ball.

5. dipped it in condensed milk, and then — in the coconut.

Enjoy your tea!

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