Cake “Cherry chic”.

Wonderful pie! Very juicy, very fragrant, moderately sweet, with delicious coconut “cap.” Prepare pie easy, all the products uncomplicated. Be sure to try it, I’m sure you just fall in love with the soul and a home-made cakes!


You will need:

For the dough:
3 eggs,
100gr. butter or margarine
¾ Art. Sahara,
150gr. sour cream,
1P. baking powder (10g.)
a pinch of salt,
~ 200g. flour.

For filling:
1 jar of cherry compote (I bank 580ml.)
2st.l coconut.

For coconut glaze:
300gr. sour cream,
¾ Art. Sahara,
1st. coconut,

How to cook:

1. Cherry recline on a sieve and allow to drain well fluid. If the berries with seeds, remove them.

2. combine the eggs, softened butter and sugar to the dough. Stir using a mixer.
Add sour cream, baking powder. Beat.
Then add the sifted flour. Flour may need a little less.
To stir thoroughly. If desired, you can again beat with a mixer. The dough should be thick but pouring.
I got thicker than that of the author.

3. Put the dough in the shape of (d 24cm.).
If you will be using the split form, then it is better to lay a paper for baking, I have a little dough emerged from below. In my opinion, it is better to use a silicone mold: it is convenient and oven, and remove the cake without problems.

4. For the dough put the cherry. Sprinkle coconut.

5. Bake in a preheated 180C oven for ~ 20-25min. The dough should “grab” and the chips redden.

6. During this time, prepare the coconut icing. In a small bowl combine the sour cream and sugar, mix well, add vanilla and coconut.
You should get a liquid, I again turned heavily 🙂

7. Take the cake out of the oven. Spread over the cake coconut icing.

8. The furnace has ~ 20-30 minutes. Ready cake should be golden brown.

9. Give it to cool in the form. It is best served cold

Maybe I have not quite turned out the way it was supposed to happen, but it was still delicious!




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