Cake «Catherine»

● sour cream 300g
● sugar 250g
● 300g flour
● 3 eggs
● 1 hour .l. baking powder
● poppy 1 ch. L.
● handful of walnuts
● cocoa 4 h. L.
● 600-700gr cream
● 150g sugar
● melted chocolate for decoration.

Beat eggs with sugar, add sour cream. Flour mixed with baking powder. Connect the two mixtures and mix with a spoon.
Divide the dough into three parts. In one add 2st l of cocoa and nuts, in other 2st l cocoa third poppy.
Bake three cakes, at 180 grams, about 15 minutes.
Prepare the cream: mix sour cream with sugar.
Putting the cake: first the cake with cocoa and nuts lubricates cream, then a light cake with poppy seeds, again lubricates cream. Cocoa cake cut into cubes, cover with cream and put in a chaotic manner above. Pour the remnants of the cream cake.
Melt the chocolate and pour over the sour cream. Put the cake in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, preferably overnight.

Enjoy your tea!

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