Cake Carrot

Cake Carrot.
1. Carrot cream.
– 50 g of sugar,
– 15 g of vegetable oil and odorless
– 40 g flour
– 1 small egg,
– 63 g of finely grated carrots
– 10 g of coarsely chopped pecans,
– 10 g of orange confit,
– 1/4 tsp baking powder,
– 1/8 teaspoon baking soda,
– 1/8 teaspoon salt
– 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
– 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg. In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients and sift. Beat sugar and vegetable oil, to whiteness. Add the egg and mix well again. Stir carrots, finely chopped confit, nuts and dry ingredients. Put the dough in the form of d. 16 cm. Bake at 170 degrees. about 16-20 minutes. Sue cake, leaving the form.

2 Soft caramel.
– 100 g of sugar,
– 100 g of cream 35%
– 80 g of butter. From sugar to cook cramped brown caramel, remove from heat. In parallel, the cream boil. Parts add to the caramel, stirring intense at the same time. Return to the fire, bring to 108 degrees. admixed oil. Stir to break through a blender. Cool. A thin layer spread on carrot cake.

3. hazelnut nugatin.
– 80 g of pre-roasted and peeled hazelnuts,
– 100 g of sugar. Chopped nuts, quite large. From sugar to prepare a light golden caramel. Add nuts and stir quickly. Distribute silicone mat. Immediately before nugatin hot, cut a circle with a diameter of 16 cm. Put it over the caramel layer. Put in the freezer or fridge.

4.Medovy mousse.
– 35 grams of milk,
– 35 g cream 33%
– 20 g egg yolks,
– 24 g of honey,
– Sheet 3 g gelatin
– 75 g of 35% cream. The yolks mixed with honey. Milk and cream, bring to the boil. Pour in the egg yolks, stirring constantly bring to 82 degrees. Add pre-soaked gelatine. Punch blender. Cool to 30 deg., Enter the whipped cream. Take the cooled billet of biscuit and nugatina. Pull gently from the mold. Form (the board) put curb tape. Return the cake back into the ring, nugatinom down. And on top of the biscuit pour honey mousse. Freeze.

5. cream cheese mousse.
– 35 grams of milk,
– 25 g of sugar,
– 0.5 vanilla pod (seed)
– 50 g egg yolks,
– 5 g of the gelatin sheet,
– 150 g cream cheese (I had a good mascarpone)
– 175 g of 35% cream. Milk and vanilla boil. Pour onto a mixture of egg yolks and sugar. Pour back into the ladle and cook stirring to 82 degrees. Remove from heat, add the gelatin. Punch blender. Sue to 50 degrees. Stir the cheese first, then the whipped cream. Pour mousse ring d. 18 cm, top part of the frozen paste, so that nugatin was on. Freeze.

6. Glyassazh vanilla.
– 87 g of sugar,
– 35 g of water (1)
– 87 g of glucose,
– 48 grams of milk,
– 10 g of milk powder
– 7 grams of gelatin powder,
– 42 g of water (2)
– 108 g of white chocolate
– 1/2 vanilla pod,
– White coloring. Soak gelatin in water (2). Milk is mixed with milk powder. In saucepan mix water (1), sugar, glucose, seeds, vanilla, coloring. Bring to 103 degrees. Remove from heat, add the milk and gelatin. Mix well. Pour in the chocolate. Punch blender. Operating temperature of 30-32 degrees. Iced cake to get out of the freezer, pour glyassazhem. Decorate to your liking.

I also want to put the recipe “moss” for decoration, suddenly someone come in handy.
– 1 egg,
– 25 g flour
– 30 g of light liquid honey
– 4 g baking powder,
– 13 g sugar. Beat the eggs with sugar and honey until fluffy. Add food coloring. Next, stir in the sifted flour and baking powder. Pour into a wide bowl. Cover with cling film. Bake in the microwave at full power for 1-2 minutes.

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