Cake “Bird’s milk”

Cake “Bird’s milk”.


Egg white – 4 pieces.
Citric acid – a pinch
Gelatin – a bag (15 g)
Water – part glass
Condensed milk – 160 g
Butter – 80 g
Sugar – 60 g
Vanilla – bag
Milk chocolate – 200 g


1. Gelatin pour boiling water for 30 to cool 40 minutes.
2. The swollen gelatin and a half of sugar to heat over medium heat until completely dissolved.
3. Chilled whites whip with citric acid to strong peaks.
4. Gradually pour in the remaining sugar and the proteins continue to whisk until the sugar dissolves. At the minimum speed of the mixer to pour a thin stream of gelatin and sugar. Set aside for a while.
5. Beat the butter at room temperature with condensed milk. At low speed mixer to introduce this mixture into the whites, add the vanilla sugar.
6. Form which will stiffen slightly oiled cake and sprinkle with powdered sugar.
7. Put the souffle, send in the refrigerator until complete solidification.
8. Of this amount turns 11 cakes.
9. Dissolve the chocolate in a water bath, add them cakes, chocolate to harden.

пир птичье мол 1 пир птичье мол 2

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