Cake “Bee”

Cake “Bee”.


flour – 2-2.5 st.- 250 gr.
egg – 3 pieces.
oil – 75 gr.
sugar – 1 tbsp.
honey – 4 tablespoons
soda – 1 tsp (under the knife without slides).

Heat honey dipper in a soda. It is necessary to stir constantly! The more heat, the darker the honey mass.

Remove from heat. In a saucepan melt the butter and cool. Then add the eggs and sugar. Thoroughly whisk. Mix honey with egg mass and whip.

Add 1 cup of flour and mix with a mixer. Then add the remaining flour. The dough should be slightly thicker than a pancake, and drain and spanked with a mixer beaters.

The bottom of the form to lay parchment. Pour the batter into the pan and bake at 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Ready cake (readiness check with a toothpick), cut into 4 thinner. Trim the edges of the cake.

For Cream:

sour cream (25-30% fat) – 200 gr
cream 33% – 100g
boiled condensed milk – 1 jar (380-400 g)
Honey – 1 tbsp heaped

For the cream, which is covered with the top of the cake, we need more gelatin – 1 pack of 5 g (1 tsp or). +50 G cream to soak gelatin (cream inside the cake gelatin is not needed). Connect the sour cream, cream, condensed milk and honey. Beat with a mixer until smooth. Divide the cream into 2 parts. A smaller part – to the top of the (cell). Most creams lubricate all the cooled cakes and put the cake in the refrigerator blank.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream gelatin: gelatin, pour the cold cream. Post a swell (with a good microcrystalline gelatin it happens quickly – within 5-7 min.)

Transfer to a gelatinous mass in the pot and put on the stove to warm. Continuing to stir, not boiling. Slightly cooled gelatin (not before curing, 2-3 minutes, no more). And gently, stirring constantly, bring it into the cream (in the lower part). After adding the gelatin in the hot cream, is sufficiently liquid – do not be alarmed as it should be. And immediately, not letting the cream “grab” the top and pour spatula razravnyat.

Make a “cell”: For this film with bubbles attach to the top of the cake, pressing slightly, press on the surface, the bubbles going into the cream. Potavit cake for 15-20 minutes in the refrigerator to grab a cell. You can just sprinkle cake crumbs honey side seams, then attach the film and put to freeze overnight in the refrigerator.

For dusting the sides of the cake chop crop honey layers (eg, a rolling pin). And bees decorate a chocolate ganache.

To make the bees, melt 30g individually. white and bitter 50 (75%) of chocolate in a water bath, pour into a pastry bag or just a bag, make a hole and draw on parchment bitter chocolate torso.

Give the chocolate to harden, on top of the same package through the white paint stripes, eyes and attach almond petals (wings). Put the cake into the cold to complete solidification.

Cake "Bee".

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