Caesar salad with shrimp.

Salad Romano  50 g
Parmesan  10 g
Cherry  35 g
shrimp  60 g

1.Shrimp pre-fry.
Note. For the preparation of homemade sauce «Caesar» will need: mustard — 17 g anchovies — 5 g, mayonnaise — 220g, Worcestershire sauce — 5 grams of lemon juice — 3 g, Tabasco sauce — 3 of Anchovies need to break through a blender, combine the rest of ingredients and mix well.
2.Lettuce rinse under running water, dry.

3.Add to the salad sauce «Caesar», stir and put in a bowl.

4.Cherry Wash.

5.Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

6.Put sliced ​​cherry tomatoes on the salad, add the Parmesan.

7.Put the shrimp.

8.Add croutons.

Bon Appetit!

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