Cabbage rolls

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Cabbage rolls

Hardly anyone of you not familiar with this dish, because it has long stuck in the Russian home cooking. Perhaps this is not quite what order in a restaurant, but the homemade stuffed cabbage is now a family meal. There is in him and comfort, and hospitality, and something subtly caressing. Just listen to the word itself – cabbage rolls, my dear, dear ….

For the right to be considered the primary source of this dish can bet Eastern countries, presenting as evidence dolma, stuffed the same, but in grape leaves. Can claim to the championship and Greece, where in ancient times prepared something similar, and Russia, where there was an original dish “Galusha” of cabbage wrapped in plantain and even millet porridge with meat.
But if you look into the history of the issue even further, you can find information about that stuffed appeared in Russia in the 17th century, when in the days of French cooking to the table served roasted pigeons on a wire rack. But since they did not have much, then come up with pigeons false, that is, those “stuffed”. Well, and this version is quite right to exist. Almost every kitchen of the world, you can find similar dishes – stuffing, wrapped in anything. The Whale and Japan is the rice paper, the East grape leaves, and in Russia – cabbage.

Cabbage rolls

What are the main secrets of cooking is the national dish that has the full right to be refined? If you properly prepare him. Important and filling composition, which may be meat, vegetables and mushrooms, but not necessarily with rice, and the correct processing of cabbage leaves, and the method of preparation.

Let’s start with the cabbage. First of all, separating leaves from the cabbage head, remove the thick veins.
Then neat or discourage wooden hoe, or immersed in boiling salted water for several minutes, removed and allowed to drain water.
But there is another original way: a head of cabbage wrapped in a plastic bag, close tightly and squeeze the air, and put on a night in the freezer. Then head out thawed at room temperature and disassemble on the leaves.
Wrap the stuffing can be a variety of ways: envelope, triangle, roll like pancakes. By the way, you can take cabbage and Savoy cabbage and spinach, beet leaves and young.

Cabbage rolls3

Now comes the stuffing. It can be traditional – rice, meat, onions, carrots and spices. Rice can be taken raw, but it is time to increase the quenching, and it can be boiled until soft or “weld” in multivarka 15 minutes.

Luke just enough to sauté until transparent and mixed with minced meat and spices. Carrots grate and you can put it as a crude (cabbage rolls will be juicier), tat and stewed with onion (when they are more tender).

Besides salt and pepper in the filling would be good to add a bit of chopped herbs and a pinch of nutmeg.

But it is possible to diversify the usual traditional recipe stuffed cabbage home, if, instead of ground beef try fish, chicken breast, mushrooms, and even seafood. And as a “highlight” add to the rice instead of all this dried fruit. Yes, and the figure can be replaced millet or buckwheat groats. Stuffed cabbage taste depends entirely on the imagination and culinary preferences of the author.

Cabbage rolls2

But not only are different recipe stuffed cabbage, but also the method of their preparation. You can pre-fry them until golden brown slightly, then simmer until cooked with the addition of broth or water with spices and sour cream. Or just lay down in a saucepan and bay tomato sauce, oven to cook them, then they will be particularly succulent!

If you think that messing with leaves wrapped beef, roast and all the rest too long, there is a special recipe for stuffed cabbage called “lazy”. They are no less tasty and also have plenty of options, as for making them suitable not only shredded cabbage, and cauliflower, and broccoli, and even Brussels. All components are laid in layers in a baking dish: cabbage, beef, rice, shredded carrots, cabbage again.

The layers can be repeated, but instead of rice can be mixed with minced boiled pearl barley. It remains only to pour the tomato sauce and put in the oven for an hour. And if at the end of cooking on top put a little butter, then stuffed cabbage will be even more delightful.

And that’s not all the secrets of cabbage! They can be prepared with stuffed bell peppers, you can bake on vegetable cushion into which you can add slices of ham, smoked bacon or chicken. And if instead of water to extinguish a stuffed cabbage pour tomato juice or dry wine ….

Serve the cabbage rolls at the table ought to with sour cream, garlic and cream sauce, homemade mayonnaise and always hot!

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