Brussels sprouts, how to select, store and prepare

Brussels sprouts, how to select, store and prepare

Brussels sprouts, how to select, store and prepare

Brussels sprouts grown in Belgium since the 16th century and has always traditionally served for Christmas dinner. That hence the name of this vegetable. Although it looks like a cabbage – small heads of cabbage and compact – they taste a little different.

Brussels sprouts has a slightly sweet nutty flavor, which some people think a little bit bitter. This vegetable has a big fat stem, where several rows of small heads of cabbage grow. That they are eaten.

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How to choose?

Choose large heads of cabbage bright green color. What they are smaller, the sweeter. Their leaves should fit snugly together. If you have the opportunity to buy Brussels sprouts whole with stems, do not miss this opportunity. On the stem kochanchiki remain fresh much longer.


Fresh Brussels sprouts can be stored in a dark, cool place or in the refrigerator for 4 days.


If you bought a cabbage with the stem, gently loosen it from the cobs. Damaged or yellowed leaves tear off and discard. Kochan wash. Some people prefer to make each cross-section of cabbage heads, so they cooked evenly during cooking. In this there is absolutely no need. Small kochanchiki prepared well and so. When cabbages are large, they can be cut in half.

How to cook

To cook the sprouts, it is necessary to boil the water, add salt to. Put the cabbage in another pot, pour boiling salted water, bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 5-10 minutes. You can cook the cabbage in a double boiler. For this, too, will need 5.10 min.

If you want to fry brussels sprouts, cabbage should be cut in half or into smaller slices and fry in oil for 10 minutes. When cooking cabbage have to constantly check with a knife. If cabbage is digested, it will become tasteless.

Cooked brussels sprouts – basic recipe

Cooked brussels sprouts - basic recipe

Brussels sprouts, water and salt – that all the ingredients used in the recipe. This is the classic version of the preparation, when for 10 minutes, you are guaranteed to get a great result.

Ingredients to the recipe:
◾ 450 gr. washed Brussels sprouts
◾ 1/2 cup water
◾ 1/4 h. L. coarse salt

Preparation of meals recipe:
1. Cut in cabbages Brussels sprouts base and remove the outer leaves yellow. Cut each in half from top to bottom.

Add the cabbage, water and salt in the 3-4-liter saucepan and cover. Place over high heat and cook for 5 minutes. or until soft. Remove from heat and serve immediately.

Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon

Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon Use the recipe and cook the Brussels sprouts in the same pan in which you fried the bacon. Cabbage browns and absorb magnificent aroma of bacon.

Ingredients to the recipe:
◾ 450 gr. Brussels sprouts halves
◾ 4 strips of thick cut bacon
◾ 2 tbsp. l. butter
◾ 1/2 sliced large onions
◾ Salt and ground black pepper

Preparation of meals recipe:
1. In a large skillet on medium-high heat, fry bacon until it is crispy. Put a paper towel on the laid plate, then coarsely chop.

In the same pan of melted bacon fat over high heat, melt the butter. Put the onion and Brussels sprouts and cook, stirring occasionally, until cabbage is golden-brown, 8-10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste and mix right in the pan with bacon. Serve immediately.


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