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The way to the heart of any man lies through the borscht …! Borsch is the same temptation, to which he can not stand virtually no one man. Moreover, the soup tied a man to a woman for ages.

Recipes borscht huge amount, almost as much as the women, who know how to cook it. And the most “love potion” type of borscht – my mother, no other compares to him. With all this controversy about what soup is the right not cease, which is understandable, because the recipe seduction every woman her.

Borsch with beef, pork, goose, duck, rooster and even a crane, green borscht, mushroom and fish, soup summer and winter – for every taste and color. Hundreds of options making this sacred food due to the fact that the soup woman puts on the soul, so even in the same mistress soup can have different sounds depending on the mood in which it was prepared. And called borscht soup – literally hurt the hostess to the core. But let us turn to the history of the question …

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According to historical records ancient Roman soup dish! From Rome soup penetrated into other countries. Accumulating national colors and subtleties of the local cooking, he became the subject of admiration, inspiration and the flight of creative thought, and not just culinary.

Borsch – basic first meal of Russian cuisine, without which it is unthinkable. Although it is believed that the main types of borscht a little more than a dozen, a simple listing of variations of its preparation may take a few minutes: borscht actual Ukrainian borshch Konotop, soup bunker, soup Moscow, soup Chernigov and Volyn, borsch Polish, Lithuanian and Bulgarian, borscht Czech, Belarusian . and Hungarian, etc. Further, borscht: mushroom, fish, green, with dumplings, beans, zucchini, peas, turnips, corn, apples and … kvass. And this is only the beginning!

But how and what would not be cooked soup, main and determining its flavor and color component has been and remains a beet.

Beets put in a fresh, fermented and pickled, used beet brine and the young tops. Great topic for debate about the beet borscht – it sort: Barshchou or vinegretnaya (beetroot)?

The second important issue of spices: how to use in the case that echoed a tantalizing and mouthwatering aroma in the house? No meal can not be compared with borscht on pomp bouquet condiments: onions, garlic, red and black pepper, dill, parsley, celery is only the foundation on which every woman can add a touch of flavor – marjoram, savory, lovage, and so on.

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Some types of borscht have another secret ingredient – filling! In Poltava borsch is dumplings, the Lithuanian tiny dumplings and borscht in Odessa – ears.

Lean variety of borscht affectionately referred borschok. Classic borschok prepared on mushroom broth of dried porcini mushrooms with beet tops and vegetable variations set of turnip, cabbage, zucchini, celery, leeks, apples, garlic, nettle and goosefoot.

Borschok- is a little soup. Borschok acidified with lemon juice or yogurt. But all the red vegetables borschok not put, you will not find it either beets or carrots. Everything else is put raw, without frying or passirovki.

You may ask, what about the recipe? Yes, we have a recipe for borscht, and not even one secret and howling, which consists in the fact that you can not cook soup on the grams and minutes, the chief of his secret ingredient – a piece of the soul, a piece of a piece of love and fantasy. And our summer soup:

finished beef broth with bone or pork ribs (without the fat layer)
1 medium beet
1 large carrot
1 very large onion
1 red bell pepper
200 g of chopped cabbage young
3 potatoes
3 large tomatoes
2 large cloves of garlic
salt pepper
leaf parsley and lovage


All vegetables are laying on the line, doing zazharku and minutes apart – as cutting and shredding. Please send to the boiling broth of finely chopped onion, grated on a coarse grater beets, then carrots.

Should be sent to cut small cubes potatoes, and after the bell pepper strips. Then add salt, pepper and grated tomatoes.

The last ship in the soup finely shredded cabbage, and when the soup starts to boil again – greens. Turn off the heat and give borscht stand, uncovered. While cooking soup does not need to be covered, it can change the color.

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