“Boats of the potatoes in their skins”

“Boats of the potatoes in their skins”.

– 8 large potatoes
– 200 grams of ham
– 150 grams of cheese
– A glass of cream of any fat content
– Half of the bulbs
– Half the beam of dill
– Half bunch of parsley
– Salt
– Ground pepper to taste

1. Murphy well and my boiled in their skins, cool and clean.
2. Next, cut each potato in half lengthwise and carefully take out the pulp with a spoon from the midway.
3. ham and onion finely chopped, cheese rub on a coarse grater, finely chop the herbs and mix with pulp potatoes taken out earlier.
4. All of this mix, fill with sour cream, to taste salt and pepper.
5. Next to each “boat” of potatoes impose this mass.
6. Boats put in the oven at 220-250 degrees and bake about half an hour.
7. These “boats” of potatoes in their skins served both hot and cold.

лодочки из карт

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