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This delicate dessert should enter into Formula of love, if such a formula established. The exact name of the first pastry chef who invented it, remains unknown, but the fact that it put his hand to the most skilled pastry-men, can not be in doubt! He is too seductive. So much so that, in spite of its caloric content, it instills a false impression of exceptional lightness and airiness.
Yes, Love is treacherous as blancmange, or vice versa? Anyway, this dessert can be considered the standard of men’s tenderness, as if the knight has decided to present his lady a sophisticated dessert, then in his senses can be no doubt …

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One of the theories about the origin blancmange states that dessert came after the Arabs brought rice and almonds in Europe in the early Middle Ages. Another theory links it with the popular Danish XIII century hwit moos ( “white porridge”), the Anglo-Norman blanc desirree ( “white Syrian”) or a dish from the Netherlands calijs (from Lat. Colare, “strain”).

The oldest recipe blancmange dates back to the 13th century, as was found in a copy of the Danish cookbook Henrik Harpestranga (after all, the man!). Blancmange mentioned in the cookbook beginning of the XV century court chef Richard II. And while blancmange was not always exclusively a sweet dish, in his recipes in addition to cow’s milk or almond, sugar, rose water, rice flour attended and finely chopped chicken or fish.

Blancmange is a traditional French dessert cold. In Russia, it has gained popularity in blancmange kontse18 early 19th centuries, it was served in the late afternoon and early “sweet table”. By the way, this dish has helped Matilda of Tuscany reconcile Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV.

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Blancmange – blans (white) and the manger (are) mentioned in Russian literature as the most exquisite dessert and means almost all kinds of fruit jelly no milk, eggs, semolina or rice cereals, flour and gelatin, with the addition of sugar and spice.

Blamanzhe different from other similar desserts (such as panna cotta) low content of gelatin, and therefore more delicate texture. Despite its ease of blancmange very rich dessert that is traditionally served to light fish or vegetable dinner.

Modern basic recipe blancmange is simple, but requires a lot of accuracy in the preparation and the proportions of components. During his moodiness blancmange received the resignation of the many festive menu, replaced by milk and coffee jelly.

Traditional recipe blancmange includes: almond milk, rice flour or starch, sugar and spices (vanilla, nutmeg, rose water and the like). The modern version allows himself a little gelatin or other gelling agent.

Ate you want to taste the “antiques” to the taste, you can try to cook the old recipe for blancmange without using gelatin, pretty tricky with the preparation of milk and milk-rice and almond base and slow boiling with constant stirring. But we’ll start with a simplified version.

Almond blancmange

You will need:

250 g almonds,
20 g of gelatin,
600 ml of 35% cream
180 g of sugar.

Almonds to dry in the pan, remove the husk and grind in a blender (some leave for decoration). Gelatin pour 4-5 tbsp of cold water and add 1 tbsp. cream, mixed thoroughly and warmed on a steam bath until dissolved, then add sugar. The remaining cream mixed with chopped nuts and pour into a gelatinous mass. Pour the blancmange on kremanki put the cold until cool, then decorate to your taste – almond petals, fresh berries, mint, etc.
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One may prepare the same multilayer prescription option dividing weight by 4.3 parts and adding to each 1 tablespoon which, currant, raspberry and strawberry smoothie with fresh berries, etc. Pour weight of ice-cream bowls at a time, giving each layer to harden in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.

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