Blancmange with peaches

1. gelatin (30 g), pour the milk (200 ml) and remove the side for 1 hour;
2. The low-fat cottage cheese (700 gr), sour cream 10% (250 g) and sugar (200 g) using a mixer becomes a homogeneous mass;
3. Fruit (everything is a matter of taste and imagination), small (and can be larger) chop;
4. The swollen gelatin is heated on the fire to 50-60 degrees, but in any case we do not boil;
5. Everything is mixed together, pour into any container (in this case – silicone mold – pictured below) and put them in the fridge for 4-5 hours.

1. Chocolate – this is at the discretion) can and coconut. In general, what your heart desires, so and decorate; but we grated chocolate poured on the bottom of the form;
2. Do not use a kiwi and pineapple, they neutralize the properties of gelatin and is not allowed to cool dessert;
3. delicious with grapes)

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