Biscuits with lemon.

Biscuits with lemon.

• Sour cream – 100 g
• Butter – 100 g
• Chicken egg – 1 pc.
• Sugar – 1 cup
• Lemon – 0.5 pc.
• Soda food – 0.5 hours. L.
• Wheat Flour – 2.5 cups

A wonderful homemade cookies with taste and aroma of lemon.

It cooked very quickly and easily. Attracted to this occupation of their children. They really like to squeeze different figures from the test.

1. For the preparation of such cookies, we need a soft butter. Put it in a bowl and add the sugar. Mix well.

2. The butter and sugar put sour cream and egg.

Rub the peel of half a lemon and squeezing the juice out of it. On rolling in juice soda, it foamed.

 Mix well all these ingredients.

3. And finally, add the final ingredient – flour 2.5 cups.

4. The dough is put an hour in the cold.

5. We get the dough from the refrigerator. Take a piece, and roll out cookie cutters cut a different figure. If the dough after the refrigerator will stick to hands – add the flour, and the problem will be solved. The recipe is so simple that even a novice cook to cope.

6. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Cookie gets a lot, so that everyone will be happy.

печенье с лимоном

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