Biscuit with vanilla pudding

Biscuit with vanilla pudding

There are many recipes for sponge cake on a boiling water or boiling milk. I offer to cook a dessert of chocolate biscuit on the boiling milk with vanilla pudding. very tasty, beautiful and unusual!

Biscuit with vanilla pudding

Eggs – 3 pcs
Brown sugar – 1 cup
Milk – 1 stack.
Baking powder – 7 g
Wheat flour – 2 cups
Cocoa powder – 2 tbsp. l.
Salt (a pinch) – 1
Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp. l.

Vanilla Pudding (40 grams) – 2 package.
Milk – 1 liter
Brown sugar – 8 st. l.

Beaker – 240 ml.

How to make:
1.For biscuit. Sift flour with baking powder and cocoa powder, add salt, stir.

2. Egg whip with a mixer for about two minutes, then gradually, just one tablespoon, add brown sugar, continuing to whip (whip a total of about 5-6 minutes).

3. Adding in several stages to the egg mixture, dry ingredients, stir with a spoon move downwards. Add vegetable oil.

4. Gradually add just the boiled milk (heating I have it in the microwave), stirring constantly dough moves from top to bottom.

5. Biscuit poured into a square shape measuring 23 * 23 cm, lined with parchment.

Biscuit with vanilla pudding

6. Bake the cake in a preheated 180 degree oven for about 25 minutes. Check readiness biscuit toothpick. I give biscuit to cool completely.

7. While the cake cools, prepare the vanilla pudding. In a bowl, stirred the dry mixture of vanilla pudding and brown sugar.

8. I add 8 tablespoons milk and mix thoroughly.

9. I was added to the prepared mixture just boiled milk, mixed well. In the microwave heat the pudding at full power for about 1 minute in divided doses, followed by stirring whisk. Pudding covering film and give it a little cool.

10. Then, using a circular cutting cooled down in biscuit making holes. From excavated doing crumb biscuit hands.

Biscuit with vanilla pudding

11. The form in which the baked cake, cover with foil, put it back into the biscuit. Biscuit pour pudding, align the surface with a spoon.

Biscuit with vanilla pudding

12. To know a place where exactly the cuts will be, I mark them with a toothpick. Then sprinkle with vanilla pudding, biscuit crumbs and a little cuddle. Retractable pour pudding for dessert in the refrigerator (I was cleaning in the refrigerator overnight).

Biscuit with vanilla pudding

13. Dessert sliced into pieces.

Biscuit with vanilla pudding

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