Berry dishes

Berry dishes

Summer – it’s time to eat berries. When, however now, at the very berry season to prepare delicious and fragrant berry dishes … By the way, they are not difficult to prepare. Cooking with

  • Strawberry sorbet

Berry dishes. Strawberry sorbet

You will need: a kilo of strawberries, one orange, half a lemon and 300 g of powdered sugar. Crush strawberries and oranges in a blender, add powder and lemon juice, stir again. Then transfer to a strawberry puree form and freeze in the freezer. Then again pass through a blender and freeze again. This dessert contains 100 calories per 100 grams.

  • Strawberry dessert with yogurt

Berry dishes. Strawberry dessert with yogurt

Preparation: 250 g of natural yoghurt mixed with two tablespoons of powdered sugar and vanilla. A half cup of nuts crushed, strawberries cut into slices. Then lay out of the strawberry ice-cream bowls, sprinkle with nuts and pour yogurt. On top decorate with nuts, cinnamon and berry strawberry. This dessert – 150 calories per 100 grams.

  • Strawberries with vanilla sauce

– Strawberry – 600g
– Milk – 1.5 cups
– Vanilla sugar – to taste
– Egg – 2 pcs.
– Sugar – 1 tsp..
– Hot milk (for the sauce) – 1 cup.

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Strawberries cleaned, rinsed and put in kompotnitsy. Milk with vanilla sugar heated to boiling. Beat egg whites with sugar, resulting foam divided into several parts and with a spoon to form pellets. One dip them in the boiling milk and spread on a plate to cool. Yolks with sugar and stirring constantly strained to make a glass of milk. For thickening mass it should warm up and cool down. On berries to put the foam balls and pour sauce. Before serving, chill in the refrigerator.

In 100 g of this Berry dishes – 63 kcal.

  • Cocktail strawberry

Berry dishes. Cocktail strawberry

You will need:

-300 g strawberries

-50 ml of strawberry syrup

-2 cups buttermilk

-2 tablespoons of honey

-50 ml of milk

-20 g of ice cream


Strawberries bust, clear from the peduncle, and rinse thoroughly under running water. Several large berries aside for decoration.
Then, mash it and mix with yogurt and liquid honey (if you have crystallized honey, then reheat it briefly in a water bath). Clean is in the refrigerator.
Cold milk, ice cream, strawberry syrup and whisk blender or a mixer.

Strawberry Syrup washed strawberries dry and cover with icing sugar in a ratio of 1: 1, a day release strawberry juice, which can be used for a cocktail.
It remains to combine the two mixtures and pour the finished strawberry cocktail with yogurt and honey into 4 tall glasses or glasses.
On top decorate with berries strawberries.

In 100 grams of this cocktail contains only 58 kcal.

  • Cherry Dessert

Preparation: Mix two cups cherries, and four apples, diced. Pour the sour cream. Delicious, simple and useful. This dessert contains 69 calories.



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