Berry and yoghurt dessert (without baking)

Berry and yoghurt dessert (without baking).

ягодно йогуртовый дес без выпечки

To support (you can do without it):
– 150 g of cookies (such as the Jubilee)
– 50-70 g softened butter
Pastry blender grind into crumbs and mix with the oil obtained by the dough to put into the form, smooth and hide in the refrigerator.
For the souffle: – 1 tablespoon of gelatin – 0.5 liters of thick creamy yoghurt – 500g frozen berries – sugar to taste (about half a cup)
The berries defrost, drain the juice.
The juice dissolve gelatin to swell and heat 30-40 minutes until completely dissolved (not boiling!).
The berries add sugar, lightly grind a blender, mix the yogurt, add gelatin, wait a bit to grab and pour into the mold base.
Allow to solidify in the refrigerator.
The whole process takes about 20 minutes maximum (if prepared gelatin and berries).
For a more festive embodiment can be whipped whipping cream 200 ml (not less than 30%) and added to a souffle after gelatin. The taste will become more creamy.

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