Flour (1.5 tablespoons of cream) — 500-600 g
Egg (1 pc. — Into the dough, 1 pc. — In cream) — 2 pcs.
Milk (1st. — Into the dough; 1 tbsp. — In cream) — 2 tbsp.
Yeast (dry) — 7 g
Sugar (0.5 tablespoons — in the dough 1/2 Art. — In cream)
Vegetable oil (+ 1.5 tablespoons cooking)
Salt (a pinch)
Brandy (You can vodka) — 2 tbsp. l.
Vanilla (in cream) — 1 Patsch.
Powdered sugar (for dusting)
Chocolate White — ’60


1. In the warm milk add yeast, salt, sugar, butter, brandy. Well peremeshay.Vvodi flour gradually.
2. Knead the dough, let him come.
3. While the dough is suitable, prepare the cream:
4 3/4 cups of milk to a boil. The cold milk add egg, sugar and vzbey. Enter the flour and whisk vzbey well to avoid lumps. Massa add to the boiling milk. Vari, stirring constantly, until thick.
5. Add the hot cream chocolate, stir well until it dissolves. Let cream cool.
6. Divide dough into portions balls, about the size of an egg. Make cake hands. In the middle of a positive 1ch.l. cream. Unite edge. Lay seam down, wait until the oil starts to boil.
7. Fire away in deep fat. Cooled prisyp donuts with powdered sugar.


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