Beef stroganoff

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Servings: 1

You will need:

Shaved beef tenderloin — 180g
Onion turnip — 40 gr
Fresh mushrooms — 50 grams
Cream 33% — 100 ml
Sour cream — 15% — 50 gr
Vegetable oil — 15 ml
The broth of white mushrooms — 50 ml
Salt and ground black pepper
Cherry tomatoes and arugula for decoration

How to cook:

1 onion cut into strips and fry until golden brown, mushrooms, cut into slices of the same size, add to the onions and fry. Do not overcook!

2. Add the sliced ​​across the grain and beef tenderloin fry until color scheme.

3. Add the broth of white mushrooms and the liquid evaporated. Salt, pepper, add the sour cream and cream and bring to sousnoy consistency (liquid sour cream). Serve with baked mashed potatoes. For decoration use baked cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs.

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